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Perfectly imperfect

Here is the inspiring trailer from Tarryn Nicole’s new book, Perfectly Imperfect.

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Tarryn Nicole

Tarryn Nicole is a former celebrity personal trainer, nutritionist, and eating disorder coach. She has worked with cast members of the Real Housewives of NJ, Mob Wives, Jerseylicious and many more! Her dialed in training and nutrition methods have been sought after for almost two decades now.

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Perfectly imperfect

Eating disorders are a common and growing issue today and it seems to be on the rise due to the use of restrictive dieting and people suppressing their emotions. An eating disorder is a stress mechanism, an addiction to food or lack there of. The disorder is often overlooked or downplayed because recreational drugs are not included. Reality is, eating disorders cause just as much self harm and are quite dangerous. Often mislabeled as having a body image problem when the body is just the conduit to the disorder. Women and men scroll the web and social media all day. Taking in and falling victim to u qualified trainers , mlm schemes and industries that lead to eating disorders. We also live in a highly stressful world where alot of people prefer an escape or some sort. Eating disorders offer the illusion of a carefree escape. Tarryn Nicole saw firsthand what restrictive dieting can do throughout her eating disorder and through the so called sport of pro bodybuilding. For those of you whohave gone through the same experience or are planning to enter into the field of Restrictive dieting, Tarryn would like to share her story with you in perfectly imperfect.

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Best known as a celebrity trainer, Tarryn Nicole is an inspirational and experienced athlete with over a decade in the fitness industry. Today, with the launch of her first book as an author, Tarryn looks to educate and motivate people on one of the most vital points to being healthy and that is through the power and control of the mind. She is an exemplary model of never giving up, getting up stronger when you fall and not being scared to change. Here’s what our readers had to say.

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